16 de fevereiro de 2015

Determination: Redefining - Day 250

16 de fevereiro de 2015

A Nation is a Territory with people(cells) which hold a common Value/DNA/Gene/Information/Culture.
A Nation Cultivates of a Culture that defines the Nation ---> What does the Nation Create/Produce? What is the Nation's Ideology/Purpose/Moving Force?

The-Term-I-Create =The-Term-I-Purpose

Every Creation has a Purpose = Starting Point.

What is the Purpose/Starting Point of my Determination?

desteni technotutor techno tutorDetermine-an-Action
Determine-a-Creation = PURPOSE = WHY?

To have Determination you must have a PURPOSE; a Reason ---> a "WHY?"

Without a Purpose/Reason/"Why?" you cannot have Determination and thus meaninglessness and failure is certain: "What is the point?", one will ask in despair...

"God" was so Determined that he Created the "world" in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Such is the Determination of a Creator.
What are you doing with your time? What are you creating for yourself during the course of one week? Is there a Purpose behind Who You Are and What you do?

The-TERMINATION ---> The End Result/Outcome. The REASON is what drives one to TERMINATE/COMPLETE the Action/Doing.

"Find" the WHY/Purpose. Put a Term/time to your actions and walk the steps in Determination. Once it is done you may rest just like a powerful Creator would.

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