18 de fevereiro de 2015

The ENGINE of Life: Redefining - Day 251

18 de fevereiro de 2015
I am the moving ENGINE.

The Engine is the "powerhouse" that moves the vehicle.
The Engine is the structural design that moves one from "A" to "B".

Let's look at the letters and sound of the word "ENGINE":

N-Gene = The "Gene"/information that determines/define the structure and functionality of an organism.

"N" = up and down = infinity = loops = cycles = repetitions
The Pistons within the engine have a repetitive motion -- they move "up and down"
"N" in the periodic table is "Nitrogen" = The fuel that combusts in the Engine -- it is the Energy that moves the Pistons. For the human cells, the fuel is Oxygen: It is our BREATH. If we stop breathing our Engine stops.

I am the Gene.
Genie-I = I am the Genie in a bottle that grants wishes. A Genie is a God/Creator: He creates at WILL.

GIN-I = I am the Global Information Network. The Genie - just like God - is omniscient: Knows ALL!
Gene = GIN
A Gene is  an Information Network that functions to produce a result = applied information = In-Formation = Gaining Form

Genie-Eye = I see as a Genie/God/Creator. I WILL/MOVE Myself.

High-GENE = To be Clean, Pure, Presentable =Present-Able = Pre-Sent-Able = Willing

I am the Engine of my LIFE!
I am the Engine of my Business!
I am the Engine of the Busy-ness that is my Life!
I am the God-Willing force that moves forward.

Engine = beating heart = pump = muscle

No cash flow/blood flow (no movement) and the business collapses.

desteni technotutor techno tutor
The heart is a mussel which holds on to the rocks. What does the rock symbolise?
The "rock" is stable, grounds the mussel: it is a foundation.
The "rock" is the Purpose/"Why?" of the business.

The Mussel/Engine holds onto the Purpose/Reason/Rock to keep itself moving and not fall/collapse.

The "Purpose" can be seen as the combustion that is the driving force of the pistons/valves within the engine/heart. It is the Nitro-Gene, the Oxy-Gene = The Breath of Life.

My "Car" is my Karma: The way I lead/drive it is what I create as my KARma = which is what I create as my consequence.

Is the outflow/result of my driving best for all or is it damaging to life?

What is the Driving force of your Life?
What sort of Engine is moving your Kar(ma)?
Do you have a "heart"?

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