21 de fevereiro de 2015

The Under-Lying Experience: "Blue Pill" or "Red Pill"? - day 252

21 de fevereiro de 2015
desteni technotutor techno tutorThe underlying experience......
What is the experience that you are almost constantly under the influence off?

What is the underlying experience that is always there with you?

What is the experience that is "lying-under" your skin?

When someone asks you "how are you?" and you say "I am ok/fine" -- what is the actual truth? Are you lying? Are you lying under the influence of an experience?

This point has been something quite prominent within my process during the past few months -- where I have become more and more aware of the experiences that linger within me. Some of these experiences --- as feeling and emotions --- are so subtle that we believe that we are "ok/fine". Some of them are also nameless because humanity has been oblivious to them and therefore no word/sound/meaning has been given to them -- but they are here and have a great impact on how we go about our day, how we interact with people, and the decisions we make.

I have realised that I can change --- that I can become better that I thought possible, and that I can do much more each day --- yet the mind is always there to ensure we remain "small" and trapped within these underlying experiences that lie to us by making us believe that "we are not capable/we are not strong enough".

It is like in the movie "Matrix" -- where everyone knows that something is wrong... something is not right --- and we go about our days lying to ourselves and each other, searching for something outside of us to fulfil this void that exists within... Yet the reality is that we have within us these experiences that control us and keeps us feeding the "machine" that is the mind --- and all it takes is for us to take the "red pill" by facing the reality/truth of what goes on inside - instead of taking the "blue pill" and remain "feeling blue" and never satisfied, forever searching for something, forever missing the point: SELF HONESTY!

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