13 de junho de 2015

A Life-Motivation note for myself and all - Day 254

13 de junho de 2015

When you "FEEL down", and all the thoughts justify it, and you only want to avoid and neglect your Life and your potential => Remember that it is all just a Feeling/Emotion.  It is an Energy  that can only exist for as long as you give it power.

I know it seems very real, but only you can take the necessary Steps to go beyond the FEAR, the DOUBT, the JUDGMENT, the RESISTANCE... Whatever is "bringing you down", whatever is making you feel low, inferior, and incapable: none of it is real!

Just Start!
Start Writing!
Or Speaking!
Or Forgiving out loud!
Or moving/applying!

That is what it takes to break the spell!

Spell it differently! Spell it LIVE instead of EVIL! Change the word! Change the Characters!

Forgive, plan, look ahead.
Then focus here => Do what you can do Here and Now.

 Don't Project! If you project you'll feel overwhelmed and inferior/incapable!

Realise, you cannot do everything in just one moment! It is a process of accumulation! Start accumulating, Start Now!

There is never a "right time" to Start...
You'll never feel "ready" to Start -- It is impossible! That is the test. That is the purpose of the Resistance: to Test your commitment and resolve, because even if you don't feel ready, you must do it! You must Become.


"come" = the process of accumulating STEPS.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed mySelf to Believe that the Experience of Evil (energy) is real instead of realising that my Life is beyond that experience.

EVIL is when I do not move.
EVIL is when I do not Direct.
EVIL is when I allow resistance.
EVIL is when I allow Fear.

Am I Evil? Or am I Live-ing?

When I die and I face "God": Will I go to Heaven for having LIVED Here on Earth? Or will I go to "Hell" Because I was EVIL?

Am I LIFE? Or am I EVIL? Do I allow EVIL within Me? Or do I create Life for mySelf?

Am I creating mySelf as EVIL? Or am I creating mySelf as LIFE?

Are you A-LIVE? Or are you a-Lie?

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Dan Malara disse...

Excellent! Thanks Joao.

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