3 de junho de 2015

Thoughts are the Commands of My Life that Define my Program - How To Change? - Day 253

3 de junho de 2015
Each thought I have is an instruction I give myself.

Some of these instructions/commands I follow/believe -- some I do Not.

Those that I do not follow/believe, and yet repeat themselves, will end up accumulating and become "stronger" = which means that, ultimately, I will end up speaking/acting them out because, within this process of repetition and accumulation of those thoughts, I was not the Directive Principle and thus did not stop them. Therefore, the thought "takes over" because the thought/mind was in control.

Thus - within my conscious awareness/mind - I am to Direct each and every single thought. Within this I am in fact responsible for what I accept and allow within me.

"Direction establish the steadfastness of the Self in The Here."

I have thoughts that support me and thoughts that do not support me.
Those that do not support me = I am to stop them through Self-Forgiveness. Within this I am turning a "non-supportive thought" into a "correction thought" that supports me and assists me to stop the "non-supportive thought" from repeating. Within this I AM The Directive Principle.

What I must also be aware of is the fact that the thoughts -- supportive or otherwise -- are originating from my feeling body: "How I feel".
If "how I feel" is non supportive, then the thoughts that will arise will have the same signature: fear, doubt, anxiety, judgment, etc...
Thus, to stop the "non-supportive thoughts" I must stop/change "How I feel", which is accomplished through Breathing, Self-Forgiveness and Corrective Application.

Thus, I Direct mySelf = I Decide Who I Am.

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