22 de junho de 2015

The Worse Life Attitude You Can Take - P.S: How to Stop it! - Day 256

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Life can be bad for many reason. There are factors that might have contributed to this "bad life" that are out of our control: the family we were born in, the country, the economic situation, the culture...

Although these are real and relevant, blaming them at the first opportunity we have to justify why "life is so bad" is a death sentence -- because then there is no self-responsibility being taken, and without responsibility there is no freedom - and without freedom there is no life = and if there is "no life" there is Death.

Therefore, realising that although life has "given us lemons" we can always make a "lemonade", which means we direct the cards that we were dealt, making the best of it. With the passing of time, "new cards are drawn" and if we are on a path of creating a "good life" (instead of being in the pit of self-pity), things will indeed improve, significantly.

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but ourselves can free our minds" - Bob Marley, Redemption Song.

Our "mental slavery" is indeed the greatest enemy we face. It is, thus, our responsibility to accept the fact that unless we free ourselves, everything will only get worse and worse.

In fact, things becoming worse is more often than not the result of our "bad decisions".

Are you CREATING  yourself?
Are you destroying yourself?


The Self-Forgiveness:

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to judge myself for when I do not walk process effectively instead of looking at what are the reasons and excuses as to why I am not walking effectively.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to dig my own "hole" when I do not walk process instead of applying myself and do the things I have already proven to myself to be effective in assisting me to be here and satisfied with myself, creating my life instead of destroying my life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have the thought in the back of my mind that I am not good enough, that I am weak, and that I will fall back into the lack of application instead of realising that it is always a decision: to either apply or to fall.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realise that "failing process" is to fail stopping the emotions, thoughts and feelings that control and dictate who I am and what I do.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realise that I am always the decision maker, I am always the creator -- and as such I always decide if I am "cool" or "depressed". I always decide if I destroy myself of create myself. I always decide if I, the life force, RULE my life (measure myself as life) or if I allow the mind to RUIN my life.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realise that I am always and always will be walking process: The process of Self-Creation or the Process of Self-Destruction..

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to "make things worse" by reacting to my "falls" and accept myself as "weak" and as such allow myself to "give up for a moment" and allow myself to remain in that "giving up" experience because I have already "fallen" instead of immediately "picking myself up" and correct myself by not indulging in the experience of self pity.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realise that reacting to my "falls" by falling even further is not a solution and it only leads to more self-diminishment.

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to realise that allowing any and all energetic experiences (emotions, feelings, and thoughts) is being in a state of reaction ("con-fusion" = fused with CONsciousness) -- and as such it is unacceptable because it only leads to a process of disintegration instead of being within the process of integration as the process of making myself whole, integral - as Equality and Oneness.

The Self-Corrective Statements

When and as I see myself judging myself for making a mistake - or in the process of making a mistake and continue - I stop and I breathe. Within it I realise that making judging myself and/or continue to make the mistake is unacceptable as it does not do accomplish anything beneficial. Within it I push myself to stop and to direct myself to correct myself in that moment within the realisation that all I have is this moment right here and Who I am as a Decision I make is all that is real within the Here -- everything that happened is no longer here and it cannot be changed.

When and as I see myself going into a "low point" in my life and experience by allowing feelings and emotions to take over and dictate who I am and my direction in life (towards self destruction) --- I stop and I breathe. Within it I realise that going to the "low point" is a decision I make -- and as such it is in my power (and it is my duty) to take responsibility for myself, totally, and thus decide to LIVE, to create myself instead of perpetuation more destruction.

When and as I see myself having thoughts of self-diminishment and inferiority - I stop and I breath. Within it I realise that it is such thoughts that lead to me creating the process of self-destruction. As suck, if I am to change for the better I must stop the back chat, stop the judgment, and apply myself here. Within such application I am showing myself that "I am worth it" because I am "making it worth" as I give myself Worth!

When and as I see myself indulging in the back chat of self-pity and desperation - I stop and I breathe. Within it I realise that just as I am allowing myself to participate in such thoughts and experiences, I am also capable of Deciding to STOP it and direct myself to Create myself as Worth and Value by Living here and doing what must be done to improve myself and my life.

When and as I see myself going into the emotion and experience of "giving up" and "self-pity" - I stop and I breathe. Within it I realise that staying is such experience is a decision I take by believing myself to be less than the emotion and thus, apparently, powerless to make a decision that is best for me. Within it I give myself the power and I decide to stop participating in the emotion and I apply myself Physically Here, in time and space, by correcting myself - doing what is best for me = taking responsibility and creating my life instead of destroying it.

18 de junho de 2015

Discover How to End a Relationship fight in an Instant! - Day 255

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"F**k you Ego!"

A couple of times this week I reacted to my partner and things escalated rather quickly. Yet, as quickly as they escalated, I took responsibility for it, I realised what was happening, and I gave direction to my myself and my communication to resolve the issue there and then.

I realised that I could either "play the ego game" and "feel like I was right" and hold onto the emotion of the reaction for longer -- or I could stop everything there and then. That is what I did, and that was also what she did. Together we spoke about the situation, saw the problem, saw the common sense solution and  that was it.

Intimate relationships are magnificent, yet, at times, there exists friction. If this friction is not solved (talked about and released) then the resentment will accumulate. Eventually there is so much "emotional garbage" that the whole thing explodes in a huge argument, bringing all the "past shit" into it to justify the point of "I am right, you are wrong. I am the victim, it is all your fault". This happened to me in a past relationship and I have seen friends going through this as well -- and millions of other people also go through it, according to soap operas...

These kinds of situations do not have to happen. If the individuals in the relationship truly care for each other and what they are building together, then it is possible to end the argument in one moment. All it takes is a mutual decision to say "fuck you ego!" (each say it to oneself) and not allow the emotion that is causing the friction to take over. Then the individuals can talk it over and come to a solution.

Trying to "be right" and prove the other "wrong" is no solution. Both must realise their own mistake and correct themselves. Both must assist each other to find the mistake and assist each other to correction. That is true love: When couples truly care for each other by helping each other to become better versions of themselves.

Easier said then done? Sure, it takes practice, but it is possible.

When will you start to say to yourself: "Fuck you ego!"?

13 de junho de 2015

A Life-Motivation note for myself and all - Day 254

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When you "FEEL down", and all the thoughts justify it, and you only want to avoid and neglect your Life and your potential => Remember that it is all just a Feeling/Emotion.  It is an Energy  that can only exist for as long as you give it power.

I know it seems very real, but only you can take the necessary Steps to go beyond the FEAR, the DOUBT, the JUDGMENT, the RESISTANCE... Whatever is "bringing you down", whatever is making you feel low, inferior, and incapable: none of it is real!

Just Start!
Start Writing!
Or Speaking!
Or Forgiving out loud!
Or moving/applying!

That is what it takes to break the spell!

Spell it differently! Spell it LIVE instead of EVIL! Change the word! Change the Characters!

Forgive, plan, look ahead.
Then focus here => Do what you can do Here and Now.

 Don't Project! If you project you'll feel overwhelmed and inferior/incapable!

Realise, you cannot do everything in just one moment! It is a process of accumulation! Start accumulating, Start Now!

There is never a "right time" to Start...
You'll never feel "ready" to Start -- It is impossible! That is the test. That is the purpose of the Resistance: to Test your commitment and resolve, because even if you don't feel ready, you must do it! You must Become.


"come" = the process of accumulating STEPS.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed mySelf to Believe that the Experience of Evil (energy) is real instead of realising that my Life is beyond that experience.

EVIL is when I do not move.
EVIL is when I do not Direct.
EVIL is when I allow resistance.
EVIL is when I allow Fear.

Am I Evil? Or am I Live-ing?

When I die and I face "God": Will I go to Heaven for having LIVED Here on Earth? Or will I go to "Hell" Because I was EVIL?

Am I LIFE? Or am I EVIL? Do I allow EVIL within Me? Or do I create Life for mySelf?

Am I creating mySelf as EVIL? Or am I creating mySelf as LIFE?

Are you A-LIVE? Or are you a-Lie?

3 de junho de 2015

Thoughts are the Commands of My Life that Define my Program - How To Change? - Day 253

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Each thought I have is an instruction I give myself.

Some of these instructions/commands I follow/believe -- some I do Not.

Those that I do not follow/believe, and yet repeat themselves, will end up accumulating and become "stronger" = which means that, ultimately, I will end up speaking/acting them out because, within this process of repetition and accumulation of those thoughts, I was not the Directive Principle and thus did not stop them. Therefore, the thought "takes over" because the thought/mind was in control.

Thus - within my conscious awareness/mind - I am to Direct each and every single thought. Within this I am in fact responsible for what I accept and allow within me.

"Direction establish the steadfastness of the Self in The Here."

I have thoughts that support me and thoughts that do not support me.
Those that do not support me = I am to stop them through Self-Forgiveness. Within this I am turning a "non-supportive thought" into a "correction thought" that supports me and assists me to stop the "non-supportive thought" from repeating. Within this I AM The Directive Principle.

What I must also be aware of is the fact that the thoughts -- supportive or otherwise -- are originating from my feeling body: "How I feel".
If "how I feel" is non supportive, then the thoughts that will arise will have the same signature: fear, doubt, anxiety, judgment, etc...
Thus, to stop the "non-supportive thoughts" I must stop/change "How I feel", which is accomplished through Breathing, Self-Forgiveness and Corrective Application.

Thus, I Direct mySelf = I Decide Who I Am.

21 de fevereiro de 2015

The Under-Lying Experience: "Blue Pill" or "Red Pill"? - day 252

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desteni technotutor techno tutorThe underlying experience......
What is the experience that you are almost constantly under the influence off?

What is the underlying experience that is always there with you?

What is the experience that is "lying-under" your skin?

When someone asks you "how are you?" and you say "I am ok/fine" -- what is the actual truth? Are you lying? Are you lying under the influence of an experience?

This point has been something quite prominent within my process during the past few months -- where I have become more and more aware of the experiences that linger within me. Some of these experiences --- as feeling and emotions --- are so subtle that we believe that we are "ok/fine". Some of them are also nameless because humanity has been oblivious to them and therefore no word/sound/meaning has been given to them -- but they are here and have a great impact on how we go about our day, how we interact with people, and the decisions we make.

I have realised that I can change --- that I can become better that I thought possible, and that I can do much more each day --- yet the mind is always there to ensure we remain "small" and trapped within these underlying experiences that lie to us by making us believe that "we are not capable/we are not strong enough".

It is like in the movie "Matrix" -- where everyone knows that something is wrong... something is not right --- and we go about our days lying to ourselves and each other, searching for something outside of us to fulfil this void that exists within... Yet the reality is that we have within us these experiences that control us and keeps us feeding the "machine" that is the mind --- and all it takes is for us to take the "red pill" by facing the reality/truth of what goes on inside - instead of taking the "blue pill" and remain "feeling blue" and never satisfied, forever searching for something, forever missing the point: SELF HONESTY!

18 de fevereiro de 2015

The ENGINE of Life: Redefining - Day 251

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I am the moving ENGINE.

The Engine is the "powerhouse" that moves the vehicle.
The Engine is the structural design that moves one from "A" to "B".

Let's look at the letters and sound of the word "ENGINE":

N-Gene = The "Gene"/information that determines/define the structure and functionality of an organism.

"N" = up and down = infinity = loops = cycles = repetitions
The Pistons within the engine have a repetitive motion -- they move "up and down"
"N" in the periodic table is "Nitrogen" = The fuel that combusts in the Engine -- it is the Energy that moves the Pistons. For the human cells, the fuel is Oxygen: It is our BREATH. If we stop breathing our Engine stops.

I am the Gene.
Genie-I = I am the Genie in a bottle that grants wishes. A Genie is a God/Creator: He creates at WILL.

GIN-I = I am the Global Information Network. The Genie - just like God - is omniscient: Knows ALL!
Gene = GIN
A Gene is  an Information Network that functions to produce a result = applied information = In-Formation = Gaining Form

Genie-Eye = I see as a Genie/God/Creator. I WILL/MOVE Myself.

High-GENE = To be Clean, Pure, Presentable =Present-Able = Pre-Sent-Able = Willing

I am the Engine of my LIFE!
I am the Engine of my Business!
I am the Engine of the Busy-ness that is my Life!
I am the God-Willing force that moves forward.

Engine = beating heart = pump = muscle

No cash flow/blood flow (no movement) and the business collapses.

desteni technotutor techno tutor
The heart is a mussel which holds on to the rocks. What does the rock symbolise?
The "rock" is stable, grounds the mussel: it is a foundation.
The "rock" is the Purpose/"Why?" of the business.

The Mussel/Engine holds onto the Purpose/Reason/Rock to keep itself moving and not fall/collapse.

The "Purpose" can be seen as the combustion that is the driving force of the pistons/valves within the engine/heart. It is the Nitro-Gene, the Oxy-Gene = The Breath of Life.

My "Car" is my Karma: The way I lead/drive it is what I create as my KARma = which is what I create as my consequence.

Is the outflow/result of my driving best for all or is it damaging to life?

What is the Driving force of your Life?
What sort of Engine is moving your Kar(ma)?
Do you have a "heart"?

16 de fevereiro de 2015

Determination: Redefining - Day 250

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A Nation is a Territory with people(cells) which hold a common Value/DNA/Gene/Information/Culture.
A Nation Cultivates of a Culture that defines the Nation ---> What does the Nation Create/Produce? What is the Nation's Ideology/Purpose/Moving Force?

The-Term-I-Create =The-Term-I-Purpose

Every Creation has a Purpose = Starting Point.

What is the Purpose/Starting Point of my Determination?

desteni technotutor techno tutorDetermine-an-Action
Determine-a-Creation = PURPOSE = WHY?

To have Determination you must have a PURPOSE; a Reason ---> a "WHY?"

Without a Purpose/Reason/"Why?" you cannot have Determination and thus meaninglessness and failure is certain: "What is the point?", one will ask in despair...

"God" was so Determined that he Created the "world" in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Such is the Determination of a Creator.
What are you doing with your time? What are you creating for yourself during the course of one week? Is there a Purpose behind Who You Are and What you do?

The-TERMINATION ---> The End Result/Outcome. The REASON is what drives one to TERMINATE/COMPLETE the Action/Doing.

"Find" the WHY/Purpose. Put a Term/time to your actions and walk the steps in Determination. Once it is done you may rest just like a powerful Creator would.

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